12:00 am—11:59 pm
Jodphurs Riding School
Blind Lane

York, North Yorkshire YO26 7QJ United Kingdom
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Private lessons of 45 minutes.

£60 inc arena hire

Contact Andrew on 07957 862413 or andrew.askeane@gmail.com

Peter DeCosemo approach ‘in his own words’

If I were to sum up my philosophy of training and working with horses it would all be based around the following three quotations.

“The complicated part about training horses is the simplicity of it.”

This phrase has been ringing in my ears for over twenty years. Once casually said to me by one of my mentors it has become the guideline I adhere to, especially when faced with what initially appears to be a problem.

Horses are complex creatures, but on the other hand if the rider or trainer takes the time to learn their behaviour, instincts and reactions, gaining the animal’s full co-operation becomes relatively straight forward. Developing your horse into a willing partner within the training system is vital. To do this we have to learn how to work with his natural activities and conduct and not against them.

“If it works it can’t be wrong. But if it doesn’t work it’s not right.”

Famous old Yorkshire saying that has also become part of my work with horses and riders. Sometimes we may not see the reason why something we have done has worked. Instead of merely accepting this it is easy to over analyse and end up complicating matters. Conversely if something is not working then it is prudent to change tactics quickly. However, human nature being what it is we are often lured into repeatedly trying to make something work for our own sheer bloody mindedness.

“The wise man will leave his ego at the gate to the arena and not get involved in such arguments.”

Upcoming Events


Drill ride with Peta Ackerley

6:00 pm — 7:00 pm
Askham Bryan College

Drill riding in Groups of 6 to 8 at Askham, Peta is a very fun instructor who will get you and your horse working and thinking forward. Only £10 each, email hisoph@gmail.com to book. This is the last drill ride of the summer.


Polework with Tracy Garside

11:30 am — 3:30 pm
Jodphurs Riding School

Polework in pairs at Jodhpurs £28 per rider or £23 if you have helper discount. email hisoph@gmail.com to book on. Please put the lesson title in subject header e.g. Tracy Polework 22ndJune.


Weekend Dressage - Note venue

8:00 am — 12:00 pm
Jodphurs Riding School

 Dressage, Sunday 23rd June, Jodphurs at Tockwith, 9am -1pm.   Tell your friends OPEN TO NON-MEMBERS.  Schedule dressage schedule June 2019 Short arena tests: INTRO B, P12, P14, N24, N34   Long arena tests: P15, N38, E43  


Gridwork with a Twist

7:00 am — 4:00 pm

Gridwork (in curving lines ) with Tracy Garside at North Deighton. Groups of 3 in an outdoor arena. £23 for members or £25 non-members, members have priority. To book or inquire email Sophie on hisoph@gmail.com