The Club celebrates it’s 40th anniversary in 2015 and much has happened over these year. Here are some snippets of our history.


17th March 1975 HCTG was formed.

The late George Lane Fox was our first President

29 members attended our first AGM on 27th September at the Astoria, Rounday Road Leeds.

Events and club developments: We ran our first annual show at Barrowby Grange which then later moved to Bramham Park.

We started our on going support and involvement with major horse trials, providing mounted stewards for Rudding and jump stewards for Bramham.

Andrew Fielder, John Lanni , Chris McGrann and Major Birtwistle provided instruction and talks by Vet Bruce Ogilvie and farrier George Smith were held.

Grade iii tests were held and 4 people passed

We donated £30 to the Olympic Games fund and £25 to the BHS silver jubilee fund.

Rosettes were presented for members who had represented the club in teams and has remained a tradition ever since.

People: Margaret Wood , Shirley Woodhead and Chris McGrann respectively started auditing the accounts , became Treasurer and started instructing and all continue with these activities today.

Championship successes: We won our first national championship for show jumping and also the Lancia show jumping finals in London on two occasions.  We also have an individual winner of the Prix Caprilli.


Membership: At the end of the 70s we had 59 riding members and 24 non-riding members. Subs were £7.50 for riding members and £2.50 for non-riding.

Finances: At the end of the decade our finances stood at £57.17 in the current account, £400 (plus 11.99 interest) in the deposit account and £313.22 in the building society.

Chairs: Susan Caley & Joanna Morris



Club camp is born.

Team Kit introduced.


Events and club developments: The Club featured in Riding magazine.

We build and run our first hunter trial making a profit of £169. We run our first unaffiliated ODE followed by our first affiliated horse trial at Heath.

We run a, two day affiliated show jumping and dressage show at Grange Park with dressage classes to Intermediaire level.

We hold talks and demos with Lady Joicey, vet Anthony Stirk, Janet Ellis, E Hartley Edwards, Judy Bradwell, Margo Tiffany and Harry Hindle

Tricia Gardiner, Ray Caplin, Julian Trevor Roper, Alan Fazakerley, Margo Tiffany, Shirley Hindle and Michael Gee all start instructing for the club

Stockeld Park indoor school became our regular venue and the annual show moves to Rudding Park

The Club competed in it’s first Quadrille, the dressage leagues were created and Club sweat shirts designed.


Members took and passed grades I, II & III

The AGM moves to the Callister Hall at Bardsey.

The Club continued with it’s policy of donations giving 10% of show profits to: the RDA, PDSA, NSPCC and £130 to Red Cross

People: Judith Bennett (current chair), and Trica Heaps and Helen Towers (current committee members) join the club. Susan Caley becomes Area Chair as well as organiser of Ripley horse trials, supported and helped by HCTG members.

Finances: lessons cost £2. The club bought a port-a-cabin for £450 and purchased a caravan.

Chairs: Joanna Morris

Lynne Sankey, Rosemary Search (acting) and Susan Caley


Our 25th anniversary party saw the second production of “Lucindarella goes to Badders”

Bumper decade for National Championship wins – 13!